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What Does Your Workspace Say About You

Your workspace in the office or at home is your haven, your sanctuary, the place where you can customize everything from personal trinkets to clever storage systems. 


The humble work desk is a very individual place, not the desk itself of course - that’s pretty boring, but the items we place on the desk, the way we decorate it, and the way we utilize storage spaces are unique to us. They are a direct reflection of who we are, our habits, personal lives, and interests. 


In this post, we will delve into different types of workspaces and the personalities of those who inhabit them. 


The 4 Personality Types


For this deep dive, we will explore four unique personality types that stand out in the office environment the world over. Each has its unique quirks and oddities, these are: 


  • The Storage Perfectionist 
  • The Storage Minimalist
  • The Storage Slob
  • The Storage Tech Whizz


You may recognize one or more of these the next time you are in the office, and if you don’t, you may be one of them. 


The Storage Perfectionist 


Perfectionists, you know the type, they usually come with their hair perfectly tied up, slicked back, or bald head polished, sporting their immaculately ironed shirt or blouse and a grim look of determination on their face.  


The Perfectionist is a detail-oriented person by nature, always on time, if not early. Their desks are often stacked neatly, their documents filed away in numerical or alphabetical order in a series of neatly arranged storage drawers, their pens stacked with the lid clips always facing forward. 


Beware those who stray from their desk to borrow the stapler or the hole punch and do not return it exactly as you found it. Should you return it to the desk and leave it in the wrong position, facing three o’clock rather than six o’clock then you will most certainly hear about it. 


These characters tend to be slightly neurotic with an ability to get under some people’s skin but prove to be highly productive and very efficient at meeting targets. As a perfectionist, you are guaranteed to produce high-quality work, with very little room for error. 


The Storage Minimalist 


Forever the storage and efficiency guru, the minimalist employee is the aficionado of space-saving, often keeping most of their work bound up on their mobile devices, to save on scattered paperwork triggering them. 


The minimalist worker is a pioneer of office discipline and ergonomics. They will always find the most expedient way to complete a project, with the least amount of time wastage. Their desks are sparse in comparison to others, often containing nothing but the bare necessities required to complete their job. A computer, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a storage unit for essentials.


Minimalists are detail-focused individuals, highly motivated and disciplined. They run a tight ship, with the ability to plan and prioritize work in a highly efficient manner; if you have an urgent project that needs completing or a larger task to be planned, then the minimalist is your person of choice. 


The Storage Slob 


Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have an inner slob. The voice in our heads that tells us that it’s ok to leave our cup unwashed for days on end or that tells us yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear the same shirt two days in a row, or even that it’s fine to walk to the shop in your pajama bottoms because it’s Sunday… or Wednesday. 


Let me introduce The Slob, who will always follow this inner voice, leaving a trail of disorganized chaos in their wake. 


The workspace of The Slob is to be approached with caution, who knows what they may find once they go looking for a spare pen. The workspace is often dominated by a mass of papers, pens, unwashed cutlery, and a portion of yesterday’s lunch. Would it hurt to get a small storage shelf or organizer for their work? Probably not, but they can’t be bothered with the hassle. 


It’s not all bad news for The Slob, they are usually the most social and welcoming of the group on our list, often being highly popular within the office despite their chaotic workstations. They will always be the ones making the jokes and buying the morning coffee. These lovable, if messy individuals are highly creative, often coming up with brilliant ideas for projects. 


The Tech Storage Whizz 


The Tech Whizz is the IT specialist of the office and is the ultimate source of information when it comes to the technological side of life. They can often be found assisting colleagues with a wide variety of computer-related issues, including that faulty printer that keeps jamming. 


The Tech Whizz is the epicenter of all the tech requests sent up to your manager, requesting new gadgets, updates on software, and the possibility of yet another monitor to add to their growing collection. Their workstation looks like a control panel from a spaceship, with enough wires and screens to put Apple or Microsoft’s headquarters to shame. 


Like the perfectionist, they have highly organized desks, filled with every gadget, technical space saver, and cloud storage solution available. Their cables are tied in neat bundles with their multiple tablets and electronic devices tucked away in drawers, cabinets, and hidden in between reference books. 


The Tech Whizz is always eager to take on the challenge of a new project. They are curious by nature which makes them excellent problem solvers, given enough time. It can sometimes be difficult to work with this type due to their critical thinking mindset, often meaning that it could take a longer time for them to complete a task compared to others. 


Which Personality Are You?


All of these types of people offer amazing benefits to a business, giving you a variety of personalities to work with. Always remember that it takes many types of personalities to make up an effective working environment, variety is the spice of life after all, even if they consider their storage solution as leaving yesterday’s sandwich unwrapped on their neighbor’s desk.

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