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8 Ways You Can Increase Productivity in Your Home Office

It is no secret that the way most of us do our daily activities has changed this past year. Spending more time than ever within our homes, many aspects of our lives are bleeding together, making it harder to find that separation along with the right levels of productivity. Working from home can be challenging for a lot of people. You may be struggling to stay focused and efficient during your daily work tasks. Here are 8 ways you may increase productivity in your home office.


  1. Organize and Declutter


Let’s face it, your environment affects your behavior on levels you can’t consciously comprehend, and a messy office is definitely going to affect your productivity. Cleaning up and organizing your space can help clear the energy of the room. When our lives are cluttered and messy, it becomes harder to do the things we desire to do. When you can’t find something that you need to be able to get work done, it is a lot easier to put off doing that work entirely.


Sometimes your desk is cluttered because you simply don’t have the space to get organized. Adding a desktop bookshelf and/or an office supplies organizer to your desk can make all the difference in minimizing the clutter.


  1. Give it a make over


Don’t you want to be excited to spend the workday in your office? Isn’t that excitement what motivates you to get your work done? How do you get to the point where your home office excites you? That’s easy, give it a makeover. Pick a color you enjoy and repaint the space. Get a new desk or desk chair. Hang up some art you enjoy and make the room aesthetically pleasing. If you want to spend time in the room, you are that much more likely to get your work done in a timely manner. It is much harder to motivate yourself to get to work when you don’t like the room you have to spend time in. Make the room your own and make it the way you like it.


  1. Throw in some plants


Not only do plants help cleanse the air in the room by providing fresh oxygen, but they are also pleasing to the eye. Humans are also inherently social creatures and being alone all day while working remotely and social distancing can have negative impacts on mental health. Yes, a plant is not the same as chatting with your favorite coworkers over coffee in the break room, but studies have shown that adding a little greenery to your workspace can improve your mental state and ultimately increase your productivity.


  1. Find the right lighting


Light is crucial… obviously. Fluorescent lights have actually shown to negatively impact mental health and the blue light from computers and screens can strain eyes. Therefore, making sure the lighting in your home office is perfect is key. Dimly lit rooms can lead to distractions and low energy while overly lit rooms can be stunning and even at times cause headaches. Finding the perfect balance of light for your individual needs will do wonders for your productivity and even increase your stamina throughout the workday.


  1. Invest in good headphones


This tip is a little bit more directed to those who may be working in a distraction heavy home environment. If you have children who make noise, or whatever the case may be, getting a good set of headphones to drown out the world outside can improve your workflow drastically. Playing some calming music can help as well but being able to shut off the world and fully engulf into your work can make time fly.


  1. Raise your monitor or laptop


Not only is your posture important for your overall long-term health, but having good posture throughout the day can also improve your energy levels. If you are slouching over a computer, the strain on your neck and back will eventually rise to the surface and nobody can focus while in pain. By raising your monitor with a monitor stand, you can improve your posture without much conscious effort. With your computer at a higher level you will automatically be less likely to slouch, as your attention is directed higher.


  1. Intentionally place your cables


This one ties into decluttering a little bit but finding an intentional place for your cables can make working at your desk significantly easier. First, letting chords remain bent and tangled wears them away over time and it can be costly to replace certain chords. Therefore, straightening them out and placing them intentionally behind your desk or even behind your computer or a shelf can lengthen their life. This also clears space for you to put more essential work items around where chords might have been taking up space.


  1. Make it smell good


Nobody likes sitting in a stuffy room all day, especially if they are already unmotivated and feeling unproductive. Placing some fun and scented candles around your workspace and lighting them when the day begins can keep the room smelling heavenly while you chug the day away at your work tasks. Smell also has a strong hold on overall mood and if the room doesn’t smell that great, it will not help you in any way, but if you throw in a nice lavender candle, the pleasant and calming aroma can not only improve productivity, but it can even improve overall mental health.

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