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10 Creative Ways to Display Macrame Wall Decor

For those who may not know, Macrame is the craft or art of knotting a string or chord into certain patterns to make decorative interior design accessories. It really hit the scene and exploded in popularity in the 1970s. It is similar to crocheting and knitting, but it is more along the lines of creating textile knots. This beautiful craft is fun while also practical, as these completed Macrame wall décor items have a wide variety of purposes in the home. It can provide a Boho sheik look or give a room a nice vintage touch. There is no better craft to become addicted to as there are so many ways you can make use of your creations. Below are only ten out of the many ways you can utilize your Macrame creations.



  1. Hanging Plants

 You read that correctly! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on high end contraptions to hang your plants in your home. You can easily make one yourself out of Macrame crafting. You have so many options for your Macrame plant hanger as well. You can pick more neutral tones to make the plant stand out or you can go a little quirkier and funkier by picking some bright string colors to make the décor itself where your eye goes initially. The classic cream-colored chord does accent the vibrant green from a potted plant very well.


  1. Votive Holders

 Macrame can also act as a snug little sweater for a small glass jar or votive. This can help soften and diffuse the light omitted from a candle flame. Utilizing macrame in this fashion can also add a slight Victorian touch to your run of the mill candle holders. Place them in your outdoor patio, on your coffee table, nightstand or even in the bathroom for a historic touch.


  1. Indoor hammocks

 Yes! You can even utilize macrame knotting for a full-blown hammock. Generally, hammocks are utilized outside, but a macrame hammock can do wonders in the corner of quaint little room. The important part of utilizing a hammock is the relaxation, therefore, the location should easily provide you with peace. You can turn an indoor hammock into a trendy reading nook, or even hang it up in an enclosed porch to still be able to take in the view of nature on your indoor hammock.


  1. Decorative Garlands

 Garlands don’t have to just be utilized in the holiday season. In fact, a macrame garland can give your home that boho sheik or hippie look that the entire macrame vibe provides. You can hang a piece of macrame garland above your bed or even above the fireplace on the mantel. You can also line your windowsills to cover up the boring edges or even cover up a floating shelf for that clean cut look.



  1. Door Curtains

 By turning your Macrame creations into door curtains you can more specifically channel that 1970s vibe. These curtains add a nice cloudy and dreamy feel to any window or doorway. You can even substitute your boring closet door with a nice macrame curtain for a simple touch that also provides quick and easy access to your clothes.


  1. Fiber Art

 Display your macrame art on the wall for a nice accent of Fiber Art. These pieces can look somewhat like large dream catchers with a contemporary twist. These can add a soft and delicate energy to a room when hung on the wall. These pieces are woven onto hoops in a dream catcher fashion.



  1. Flowy Wall Hangs

 Similar to the curtain, you can also create a wall hanging piece of art. Similar to the Fiber Art, these pieces can add a dreamy and soft look to your wall. These can also add a boho look to any home décor.


  1. Stools

 Yes! You can use your macrame art for a stool top! This can add a fun decorative punch to your stool set while also being very durable, soft and aesthetically pleasing. This will give your stools a unique twist that will catch everyone’s eye when they come over. You can even set these stools aside for a nice accent in a corner with some plants and other strategically placed decorative pieces.



  1. Placemats

 Turning your macrame crafting into placemats is a very practical use and will make your home look like a fancy home furnishings catalog. These can become singular placemats or even be made into runners for the table to give it that truly highbrow vibe.


  1. Hanging Chandeliers

 Wrapping your lights or chandeliers with some macrame art can give your room a mystical and magical glow. These pieces can cast an even and soft glow throughout the room which allows for a more peaceful vibe because the light is so evenly diffused and distributed.

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